Introducing Node.js Code Endpoints: Create powerful endpoints without the work

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Code Endpoints Are Here!

Today we are releasing our newest and most powerful feature to date: code endpoints. 

When an API call is made to a code endpoint, a block of user-defined code is run and returns a result. Code endpoints make it possible to create API endpoints with sophisticated functionality, without the necessary, but time-consuming, legwork like security, rate-limiting, scalability, and server administration. 

In short: if you can code it, it's possible on Apitite. For example, I created code endpoint in 10 minutes that performs sentiment analysis on a given block of text to report how positive (i.e. happy) or negative (i.e. sad or angry) it is.

Apitite database endpoints are still great for quickly setting up endpoints that interact with a database; the backbone of any API. Code endpoints, on the other hand, allow you to define endpoints with complex functionality, as well as make API requests to existing Apitite endpoints. This means you can quickly and easily create API mashups by combining existing endpoints with a code endpoint. You can also create endpoints that make use of off-the-shelf software libraries.

How Do Code Endpoints Help My Business?

You might be asking yourself, "Why not just build my own API from scratch if I have to enter code anyways?" 

Apitite does the heavy lifting for you, so that you can get an enterprise-grade API, in a fraction of the time. We handle the hosting of your API, which means you don't have to provision a server, we take care of security concerns likes DDoS attacks and rate-limiting, and we handle the performance and scalability of your API. Moreover, you can modify and control your API directly from your Apitite dashboard, which means you never have to deploy code or worry about build systems.

What Can I Build With Code Endpoints?

The possibilities are endless! Here are a few examples of possible things you can create and do with code endpoints :
  • Combine your data with data from other APIs like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.
  • Create API mashups
  • Build an authentication API
  • Build an analytics API
  • Create a text analytics service API

Get Free Help Creating Your Code Endpoints

For a limited time we will help you set up your code endpoints for free! That's free engineering! Just enter your contact information and your API or data problem in the form below:

How Do I Create Code Endpoints?

To learn about how to build code endpoints, check up our follow up blog post!

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