Recap : MongoDB and Apitite Webinar

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Thank you for attending our webinar on How to Create an API for MongoDB in Minutes with Apitite! This was the first Webinar Apitite has ever done and we really appreciate people taking time out of their day to check it out.

Webinar Recording

In case you missed the webinar, or if you wanted to view it again, here is a full video recording.

Webinar Slides

If you don't like the sound of our voices and just want the slides you can download them here:

Webinar API and Sample Application

During the webinar we completed two tasks:  how to create an API endpoint in five minutes to get the latest orders from a MongoDB sales database and how to build an interactive web application to compare orders or revenue from different years.

Task 1 - Creating an API in minutes for MongoDB

For the first task, we demonstrated how to connect a MongoDB datasource to Apitite and create an API endpoint that retrieves ten sales orders with pagination. Pagination means that a user of the endpoint can pass a "skip" parameter to retrieve a different page of results depending on how many records to skip. For example, if the user passed in a skip parameter of 0, the first ten records would be returned. If the user passed a skip parameter of 5, records 6-15 would be returned.

Task 2 - Visualize your data with an interactive lightweight, client-side-only web app  

A screenshot of the finished product. 
In the second task, we demonstrated how to create an API endpoint that used the MongoDB aggregation pipeline to filter, group, and sort sales data into a time series of orders per day for a given year that we could graph. The finished API endpoint can be viewed here and users can pass parameters to the endpoint to specify the date range of data to retrieve. Click below to check out a live working demo of the application we built.

Live Demo - Comparing Sales Data

Webinar Sample Application Source Code

Click the link below to get the source code of the sample application we built from GitHub.

Comparing Sales Data (Sample Application) GitHub Repository

Thanks again!

We wanted to thank everyone again for attending and if you have any questions or feedback please send an email to or

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